Now Available! The Education of Sabina

The Education of Sabina Amazon Barnes & Nobles $2.99 Kindle • $14.99 Paperback Twelve-year-old Princess Sabina of Milan is visiting her grandmother over the summer in the Italian city of Asti. On her way to the park, she reaches a clump of tress. Who should she spy but bad boy Marcus, also twelve, who is […]

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New Book Available Soon!

The Education of Sabina Coming Soon!   First Base “Whatcha doin’?” asked Sabina, puzzled at what she was seeing. “Swinging,” answered Marcus. “Is it fun?” “Yes. Do you want to give it a try?” “Oh, I’m not sure,” Sabina said, drawing out the word sure. “That’s okay. You’re a girl, so you’re scared. It’s all […]

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The Job Interview

Today was the day. Klarissa’s preparations had all led to this moment of standing before the shimmering gate. Her communications specialists had created a paper trail for her. In her backpack were her passport, birth certificate, English proficiency score, medical history, and school transcript, all fabricated and placed in the appropriate Portuguese databases. In addition, […]

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The Logos

First, there was the Father, then the Logos [1], and finally the Holy Spirit, each following the other in a nanosecond, if there is such a thing as time in zero-dimensional space. The first thing the Logos did was bring forth the Son of Man and then the Christ Event. The Logos can be thought […]

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Image of God

We are the image of God; “I know because the Bible tells me so.” How are we the image of God? We are the image of God in three ways: resemblance, participation, and becoming. In resemblance, our image is like a tall, upright mirror standing outside facing the sun. But our mirror starts off covered […]

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The Starting Point for a Theology on Women

Some say there should be a theology on women. The zeitgeist says it’s time to develop a robust one. Should its starting point be the Son of God? No. Mary? No. Sophia? Yes. And here’s why. The Father did Creation. But it is Sophia who sets up the relationships once Creation is done. Who is […]

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